Welcome from the President

“Hello and welcome to Savera”

Savera Society for Human initiatives (SSHI) is a United Nations -Accredited NGO in Special Consultative Status with the UN-Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). SSHI is an Indian, not-for-profit and non governmental organization meeting a critical need in Indian society. SSHI operates on the principle of humanitarianism, believing that people’s well-being is the most important goal for which to strive. Following from this are a focus on lifelong learning opportunities to all, environmental awareness, critical health issues, youth employment, development of women and children, economic & social justice, biodiversity, energy & water conservation, and poverty alleviation that makes clear our humanitarian mandate.

As Mahatma Gandhi observed, “Think Global, Act Local”. In the face of big, global influences, including those represented by the International institutions of capital which have tended to increase deprivation among poor and marginalized people, local and people’s NGOs have been formed.
NGOs are also an expression of people’s belief that through their own initiative they can better fulfill their potential by working together, and in so doing reduce the opportunity gap which exists between the advantaged and disadvantaged in the society. This means involving and empowering people, rather than either leaving them to fend for themselves or consigning them to the role of the helpless client of institutions.
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), also known as civil society organizations (CSOs), have existed for hundreds of years, but since the mid-nineteenth century they have been increasing in number and gaining international recognition, particularly among intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). NGOs were accepted and consulted with by the League of Nations during its existence, and were often able to participate in the League’s meetings and committees. Due to this recognition, when the United Nations was created in 1945, NGO participation was included in the UN Charter under Article 71 of Chapter 10. Article 71 created the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), whose task was to consult with NGOs on matters that concerned it.
Between the global trends towards powerful institutions and individualism NGOs thus represent a third force for collectivism.
We support the promotion of literacy and literate environment as an integral part of lifelong learning and to keep literacy high on National Agenda. Though our literacy programs, advocacy work and knowledge base, the organization works to realize the vision of a Literate India for all.
SSHI is a well known organization, we provide a wide range of services right across India. We assisted thousands of vulnerable families and children since we began operating in 2009. Since its Inception, the organization has been serving the poor for their sustainable livelihood through various training, awareness, meeting, workshop and seminar.
If we are to continue providing a wide range of social services, SSHI needs the financial assistance from individual, corporate donors, members, partners, volunteers and others. If you are interested in helping our work, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Er. Mukhtar Zahid

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